Macro and Micro Photography

Filming and photographing in the no-man's-land of the very small is one of Image Quest 3-D's specialities. In addition to the 30 years of research and development into the 2-D world of subjects from 10cms down to the size of a blood corpuscle, we have ten years of concerted 3-D research and proven production.

We have wide experience of 2-D and 3-D, commercial, wildlife documentary, publishing, display, large format and feature image origination. Within our studio facilities in the UK and Bermuda we employ an arsenal of bespoke and customised equipment to originate 2-D and 3-D sequences in fluid motion, free flight, high speed (up to 10,000 fps), time lapse and low light, aquatic and terrestrial subjects. We continue to develop specialist flow tank systems for expedition, location and studio based production.

As biologists we are established contributors to BBC television and IMAX large screen wildlife productions and as engineers uniquely span the optical expertise to create sequences and stills series in any format, digital or analogue.

Dandelion Stickleback May Bug 5 day old Chick Embryo Water drop with crab larvae Iguana Eye Pyrocistis Dragonfly Flying Fish Eggs Click on an image to see a hi-res version

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2001 by Image Quest 3-D
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