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With a credit list including Superman, Flash Gordon, Cosmic Voyage, Persil, Bupa, Gordons Gin, Lost World and Solar Crisis, Peter Parks and Image Quest 3-D can confirm their ability to create amazing special effects utilising unique techniques that come from three decades of technical development in aerial imagery, snorkel, high speed, high magnification, fluid flow, animatronic, galactic and underwater film and photography.

With its own machine shop and engineering experience Image Quest 3-D can build specialist hardware to overcome technical problems. The two technical Oscars awarded to its principal director attest to their ability and the honorary awards for finished products and continuous quality over many years, demonstrate the respect with which Image Quest's origination is regarded.

Current research at IQ3D has now extended this into the realm of 3-D and clients can see examples of this new work in a number of permanent venues on both sides of the Atlantic.

Click here to have a look at more examples of galactic effects as used in Superman I and II, Flash Gordon, Solar Crisis.

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