Starsand Stereo Pair

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Foraminifera - Starsand Tests

Foraminifera, or forams, are protozoans. These single-celled animals secrete a calcium carbonate shell or test and are mostly microscopic in size. Locomotion is a slow gliding action via pseudopodia. These organisms are predominantly marine and are mostly benthic dwellers, either free-moving or attached to other plants and animals. They are widespread upon the ocean floors, ranging from shallow intertidal environments to the greatest known depths of the oceans.

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This is a stereo pair and can be viewed in 3-D by crossing your eyes! You are aiming to have your left eye looking at the right hand image and your right eye looking at the left hand image. If you have difficulty seeing it in 3-D then follow these instructions.

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1. Sit looking at your computer screen from a distance of about 60 cms (24 inches)

2. Hold a pencil, with the tip about half way between your face and your computer screen.

3. Focus on the computer screen - you should be aware of 'two' pencils.

4. Move the pencil so that the tip of one pencil is over the nose of the left hand turtle, and the tip of the other pencil is over the nose of the other.

5. Now concentrate on the tip of the pencil while being aware of the images behind. It helps to have the tip of the pencil towards the bottom of the image.

It can take a while to get it to begin with. It took me 10 minutes the first time I tried! Once you have got it the first time you will be able to get it easily the second time - without the use of the pencil!

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