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Pick the category that you are interested in from the menu below and browse through a small selection of images from our slide library, Pelagica. All these images are for cross-eyed viewing. This means that to view in 3-D you need to get your right eye looking at the left hand picture and your left eye looking at the right hand picture. One way of achieving this for the first time is to start off by holding a pencil with the tip half way between your eyes and the screen. Next, while focusing on the screen, become aware of two pencils. You then want to move the pencil towards or away from you until one pencil tip appears to be over, say, the eye on the left hand picture and the other pencil tip appears to be over the eye on the right hand picture. Once you have got to that stage, just focus on the tip of the pencil and slowly become aware of the images on the screen behind. It can take a couple of minutes but quite suddenly you will start to see the depth and if you relax and keep looking the picture will come into sharp focus. Good luck!

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