3-D Display Technology

Image Quest 3-D offers a range of 3-D displays to cover every need. Most of the systems are based on our patented 3-D display technology which offers unrivalled clarity and quality of experience, as well as being highly flexible. You can choose from a product range or IQ3D offers an in-house design service for specific requirements, from a single display to a whole exhibit.

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The technology is hugely flexible and as a result there is a display for all budgets. They can be from the size of a postcard to the size of a billboard and can involve either stills or moving image systems. We have folding designs for trade show use or units designed to be fitted behind slots in a wall. We have completed, or are working on, projects for a range of institutions including:

Norwalk Maritime Aquarium - USA

Seattle Pacific Science Center - USA

Welsh Slate Museum, Llanberis - Wales

London Zoo - UK

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo - Bermuda

Maryland Science Center - USA

@t Bristol - UK

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Images mounted on the wall or optional stand

Either lightboxes or large format prints with halogen lights

Self standing viewing display

The folding display - ideal for trade shows or exhibitions

To be stood on table top or with optional display stand

Either backlit with lightboxes or frontlit with optional halogen lights

The Triax - 3 images and 3 viewing positions

Backlit images

2-D information and text on viewing panel

Small Format 'lectern' displays

Still or moving images

The 3-D unit can be mounted behind a slit in a wall

We can offer a design service for whole exhibits


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