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There are a huge number of sites on the internet which are useful if you are keen to find out more information on some of the areas mentioned here. I have listed many of these below. The first section is for sites who have contributed information or articles to this site.


Colleagues and Contributors to this site

Lizard Island The Lizard Island Research Station exists to increase knowledge of coral reef ecosystems and to apply this knowledge to their conservation. They have comprehensively equipped lab, boat and scuba fascilities and a large number of the images on this site were taken at Lizard Island.
Helifilms Helifilms is a film production company with expertise in making and selling "Special Format" films and Stock Shots. They like to do the unusual, whether it's filming from moving vehicles or working in strange film formats.
Tevene'i Marine
This is the web site for Tevene'i Marine and Andy lewis. Tevene'i Marine is a company based in Australia, specialising in Eco-expeditions, Coral Reef Ecology Education Programs, EIA and Monitoring Consltancy services and Tropical Aquaculture Consultancy services.


Sites relating to Plankton

Plankton Ecology, Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography. A Plankton site with a good sense of fun. Cartoon images of plankton and a fun zooplankton Flyover! Warren has some interesting articles and some beautiful marine images as well as a large number of varied links. Well worth a look.
Home of Microscopy UK run by Dave Walker. Useful information concerning microscopes and imaging. Links to other sites. Classified ads for services.
Homepage for Vim Van Egmond. Articles, photos and illustrations, many for Micscape magazine. He also has a collection of anaglyph 3-D plankton images that are worth checking out if you have red and green glasses.
Homepage for Jan. He has some good articles on micro plankton all accompanied by photos. A good resource for anyone intereted in microbiology.
A fantastic resource for diatom images and microscopy links, run by David Johnson.
This link will lead you to a page where you can design your own plankton! It is part of the Gulf of Maine Aquarium web site which has a lot of interesting work and information. The 'design a plankton' exercise is a great way to learn about the different types of plankton and their evolution.
The Zoomorphology Section at the University of Oldenburg, run by Thorsten-D. Künnemann, contains a lot of information on copepods and groundwater biology.
The Jellies Zone Run by David Wroebel and including some stunning Jellyfish pictures this site is a must for anyone wishing to find out more about Scyphozoa!
An interesting site run by Joseph Poupin who is based at the French Navy School Brest, France. He specialises in bioluminescence and there is a lot of information on a multitude of luminescent marine species.

Marine Sites

The Web Site for BBSR.
Site for access to - Centre for Coastal and Marine Sciences (CCMS), Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML), Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (POL), Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory (DML), Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).
Web Site run by Jeff Levinton. An educational resource - great links to all things marine biological. MBWEB is an educational resource for marine biology students with reference lists organized by subject. Many other links are here including links to marine stations, tide information, and lots more.
A truly beautifully designed site. Well worth a look. Beautifully presented and with intriguing close up imagery.

Biology Sites

The Museum of Palaeontology at the University of California. The museum serves as a unique and invaluable storehouse for collections of fossil and modern organisms. A fantastic site documenting the history and evolution of life.
The Australian Museum's mission is to increase understanding of, and influence public debate on, the natural environment, human societies and human interaction with the environment.

3-D Web Sites

A company specialising in 3-D glasses and solar eclipse glasses with links to other 3-D sites. It also has some very nice pictures of solar eclipses.
Welcome to the Home Page of the Turing Institute. Turing's 3-D funsite is a source for a wide range of material concerned with 3-D imagery and related technology.
3-D comic books by Ray Zone - a blast from the 50's!!
3-D goods, cameras, video cameras and some links. Run by Ron Labbe.
Berezin Stereo Photography Products manufactures viewers, archival stereo slide boxes and other products used by stereo photographers.  In addition they offer quality View Master Reels, View Master Books, new 3D Cameras, viewer repair books, reproduction stereo cards and books about stereo photography.
Photography and Film Sites
World Educational Films Producers and distributors of educational material. Their first video release is 'The Alder Woodwasp and its Insect Enemies' - a highly acclaimed entomological film; winner of eleven National and International Awards.
Nature Photo Index Nature photography index
PhotoLinks Photography Directory Photographic links
Grant Collier Photography Landscape photograpy, Abstract images and interesting 'then and now' black and white city images




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